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Gödel’s Theorem

Posted on: January 13, 2012

There are proofs based on subtle and powerful Godel’s theorem that  human mind is not computer program. This is because formal and consistent systems according to Godel lead to statements which are neither provable nor disprovable by systems itself, but which are nevertheless true statements. So if human mind was acting as computer program it would contradict itself creating statements which are provable.. and not provable to be true. See below picture from Alan McKenzie page.

Is that why we stopped to work on human-computer ? This proof is 80 years old.

Alan is also showing on his page that Godel theorem can be used to predict that Grand Unification Theory (which is going to explain the four basic interactions: electromagnetism, the weak interaction, the strong interaction and gravitation) will never be able to explain everything. Good source to learn basics of Godel’s proof is Appendix to Stephen Barr Modern Physics and Ancient Faith excellent book.


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